Custom Orthotics

Many foot, knee, hip and/or back problems can be related to your feet. Balance Medical Center takes a holistic approach to healthcare and many times that approach starts at your feet. Our Doctor does a thorough exam to evaluate your current physical complaint. This foundational approach has proven to be successful in improving and managing most conditions mentioned above.

We offer Custom Orthotics to our Patients so that the Patient is in control of their health. We perform a digital scan of your feet both static (standing) and in movement (walking and/or running). Our doctor reviews these scans in conjunction with your exam findings and this information is sent to The Orthotic Group, where the custom orthotics are made.

Once the Custom Orthotics are received in our Pensacola office, our Doctor fits you for them and discusses proper use and how to incorporate them with your shoes. A neutral last shoe works best with the orthotics so that the orthotic is not competing with the shoe. We have found that utilizing Custom Orthotics has allowed the patient to feel better quicker and other services offered in the office compliment the corrective process of the Orthotics.

Call Balance Medical Center today at (850) 475-2676 to schedule a Custom Orthotic fitting.